• Video or photo inspection operating
  • Make a video record of work done by divers
  • Illuminate a work site to guide divers coming from the bell or surfaces.
  • Observe divers at work from a distance
  • Observe and illuminate crane loads on the way down to a underwater worksite
  • Illuminate crane loads that has been landed at an underwater worksite
  • Fix and record the location of items for “as-build”, “as-found” and “as-lest” survey using an on-board mini-beacon
  • Observe a diving bell approaching a guide-wire weight to ensure that it avoids contact.



  • Net inspection
  • Mooring inspection
  • Feeding assessment
  • Fish Husbandry


  • Tank Inspection
  • Locks/Dams/Reservoir
  • Bridge/culvert

Law enforcement

  • Port Security
  • Search & recovery



Maritime salvage


  • Meteorology 
    • Bottom Mapping, Subbottom Profiling, Bathymetry
    • Acoustic & Optical Imaging
    • Hurricane & Oil Spill Assessment Damage – Response and Restoration
    • Water-column characterization: Temperature & Salinity Profile, Water Clarity
  • Port security
    • Underwater Shiphull Survey
    • Pier and Bulkhead Surveys
    • Bridge and Dam Surveys
    • Energy Infrastructure Surveys (i.e. oil platforms, nuclear power plants)
    • Underwater Diver Detection and Classification 
    • Recovery or Repair of Underwater Structures

Sciences and research

  • Environmental
  • Marine life
  • University/Academic

Offshore and shipping

  • FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) 
  • UWILD (Underwater Inspection In lieu of Dry-dock)
  • Structural/Intake
  • Pipe inspection
  • Salvage
  • Ballast tank inspection
  • Shipping
    • Internal Ballast Tank Inspection
    • Sea Chest Inspection and Clearing
    • Vessel Hull Inspection – UWILD

Water management

  • Potable Water Tank
  • Water Tower

Commercial diving

Sport Wreck Diving

Amusement park, Museum & Aquarium Installation

Broadcast HD